06:00 PM

Friday Kick-Off Party

Join us at River City Grille in the hotel Friday night for an intimate gathering with appetizers + drinks. Great for those who are staying over or live close by! Please note: tickets for the Friday night party and Saturday conference are sold separately.

08:30 AM

Check In + Meet Up

Come early to meet other moms, pick up the schedule, have a few cups of coffee and some snacks to start the day. We'll have some opening remarks from our friends at Covey App about this exciting new tool for moms to find each other!

09:00 AM

No Excuses: Why Your Voice Matters

by Rachel Martin 

Sometimes, the biggest stumbling blocks to success are the road blocks in front of us. What if the road blocks were there to make us become stronger - and aren't really stopping us at all? In this keynote, Rachel will discuss how we can work from the posture of knowing our voice matters, with strategies on how we can build businesses and platforms that balance our work with who we are.

09:30 AM

Motherhood: the Second Oldest Profession

by Monique DeMonaco 

Always with a dose of humor, Coach Monique DeMonaco will discuss the importance of and how to be more resilient - and how to pass the important skill of resiliency on to our children.

10:00 AM

Understanding Behavior to Improve Relationships

by Wendy Lydon 

In this workshop, business development expert Wendy Lydon will show us how to understand our own personalities and behaviors - and those of the people around us - to achieve success at home and work.

10:30 AM

What Happy Moms Know That Stressed Out Moms Don’t

by Britt Reints 

Have you ever felt like you're white knuckling your way through motherhood with your hair on fire and a heart full of doubt about what you're doing wrong? Would you rather feel confident, calm, and happy? Happiness expert Britt Reints will show you how to trust your mothering instincts while doing more of what you love and less of what you don't.

11:00 AM

Organizing Tactics for the Busy Mom

by Sandra Lane 

Sandra Lane, CPO, will discuss organizing solutions for the challenges facing today's busy families. Learn practical strategies for dealing with the non-stop paper stream generated by work and school. Sandra will also share constructive techniques for kids artwork, toys, photos and managing a family calendar.

11:30 AM

Healthy Motherhood

by Dr. Amanda Jordan 

In this talk, Dr. Amanda Jordan discusses holistic health practices that can help moms make their health a priority - even when we're busy with kids and work!

12:00 PM


Lots of good stuff planned for our lunch + networking hour! Refuel with a good meal, get a headshot from Clicks for a Cause, peruse what our vendors have to offer, meet our speakers and more.

01:30 PM

The Shoes You Choose

by Helen Hanna Casey 

In this inspiring talk, Helen Hanna Casey discusses how we, as women, control our own destinies. The shoes that we choose each morning shape who we are going to be that day and society’s perception of us. You'll be inspired by Helen to become a leader, find your niche and create your own path.

02:00 PM

Building a Side Business That’s A Blessing

by Julia Kramer 

In this talk, financial expert Julia Kramer will discuss ways you can build a business that's a blessing to your family - and not a curse!

02:30 PM

Networking Your Way to Success

by Chaton Turner 

In this informative talk, careerist and blogger Chaton Turner will discuss how mothers can tap into their own networks to be more effective and get what they want out of their life + work.

03:00 PM

The Motherhood Effect

by Cooper Munroe 

In this TEDx talk, The Motherhood's co-founder Cooper Munroe will share compelling stories and insights on the power of mothers online, their impact on the social web, and how moms are changing the way business is done.

03:30 PM

Social Media Resources for Moms + Mompreneurs

by Nicole Mildren  , Stephanie Barnhart  ,

Following up Cooper's talk, Nicole and Stephanie will offer a unique workshop on social media resources for moms, and those who are looking to build their businesses online.

04:00 PM

Closing Remarks: Making Friends in a Mommy War World

by Kelly Hughes 

In this talk, Kelly Hughes, founder and leader of the Pgh Momtourage, will close the conference with advice on how to integrate into a mommy group, find common interests, and build your community of moms.

04:30 PM