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Since the inaugural conference in 2013, the MomCon’s mission has been to produce quality events for millennial moms. These events are designed to support the woman behind the mom by inspiring her, developing her talents, and helping her achieve her goals by connecting her with a community and the resources she needs. Motherhood is the tie that binds our attendees together. It’s the experience on which the MomCon community is built.

Who are our attendees? They are smart, creative, talented women—with big goals and aspirations for themselves and their families. Our goal at the Mom Con is to provide actionable content and meaningful networking so they can achieve them.

It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind event that gives attendees a renewed sense of themselves and a connection with their local community of moms.

Who’s behind the MomCon?


Nicole Mildren

Nicole is the marketing director for the MomCon, and she blogs at Champagne to Crayons, where she writes about celebrating motherhood and all the little things mothers sometimes forget. A marketing and advertising consultant for over ten years, Nicole brings her tremendous talent for connecting women and brands to the MomCon. She is the mother of one fantastic and spunky little girl, Giuliana.

Drop a line to Nicole at nicole@themomcon.com.

Natalie Kovacic

Natalie is the event manager for the MomCon, and believes in the power of shared experiences and meeting face-to-face. A former attorney, she wanted to translate the experiences she had at women’s conferences to an event for moms. She is now a freelance event producer who helps individuals and businesses connect with their audiences through community-building events. She is mom to one cool little kid, Joey.

Get in touch with Natalie at natalie@themomcon.com.