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November 7, 2015


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What is the MomCon?

As women, we have lots of opportunities to connect with one another: at conferences, at networking events and through social media. But where do we draw support from in our roles as mothers? Playdates and Facebook groups are wonderful, too, but they usually aren’t the place to have raw conversationsthe ones about we really are, the women behind the moms.

The MomCon is a conference that’s the best of both worlds. It isn’t one or the other—
because neither are you.

The MomCon is

  • a day to learn from other women doing incredible things: women in business, careerists, writers, artists, do-gooders, movers and shakers
  • an opportunity to harness our collective wisdom and talk about the joys and obstacles we experience as mothers
  • a place to share a meal together, tell stories over coffee and connect with one another in real life

Whether you need practical information, or time to do some soul-searching, the MomCon has something for everyone. It’s a conference for every mother. Because we believe that no matter our differences, we all want the same thing: to live well as women and to love well as moms.

2015 Speakers

More to come!

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin


Janelle Hanchett

Janelle Hanchett


Cat Alford

Cat Alford


Chaton Turner

Chaton Turner


Susan Ceklosky

Susan Ceklosky


Jane Ammon

Jane Ammon


Catherine Merritt

Catherine Merritt



Conference registration includes access to the MomCon all day and your choice of 4 workshops.
Our final schedule will be published soon! Please check back for updates.



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